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Quick Tips on How to Get to Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is a collective term given to all five waterfalls that are located within the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Supai, Arizona. It is a remote region of the Grand Canyon and is considered as the national park’s hidden gem.

The grand Havasu Falls itself is a body of water that is considered to be the biggest and most awe-inspiring out of all five waterfalls.

The journey to Havasu falls is not only beautiful but challenging as well. To get to Havasu Falls, you need to take a flight to either Phoenix or Las Vegas. Going to the Supai, Arizona, you need to drive at least four hours, and then followed by a ten-mile hike to the falls itself.

If you’re down for some true blue outdoor fun, Havasu Falls trail is ideal since you will need to bring all of your camping gear and your own food with you. As it is a remote part of the Grand Canyon, cell phone service and reception is not as good compared to other more popular sites of the national park.

You need to book ahead of time in order to secure a camping site or room during your stay at Havasu Falls (though you may be able to get Grand Canyon North Rim Lodging).

It may be best to drive your own car from the airport, or rent a guide tour service for you trek to Havasu Falls. Either way, the drive to Hilltop, the trailhead for Havasu Falls will be around 3.5 hours to 5 hours from the airport.

As there are no public transportation or shuttle service to Hilltop, you may also consider taking a helicopter ride from Hilltop to the village of Supai. Take note that the availability of helicopters will depend on the weather. In addition, helicopter services that fly on a daily basis to the village will prioritize locals and workers before visitors are given a chance to ride in or out of the reservation.

There also permits to purchase and secure prior to your trip to Havasu Falls. To save time and money, make sure to pay the entrance or admission fee a few weeks prior to your visit. Online or over the phone reservations are also recommended if you wish to save a room at the lodge or save a spot at the campground. The campground reservation will cost you $17 per night/person.